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My name is Pelle, and I'm also know as FurbyFubar on most parts on the web. I'm a hobbyist game designer based in Stockholm, Sweden. I design board games, card games, puzzles, computer games and I've even tried my hand at coding a game app for Android. I spend more time during the average day thinking about all sort of games, game design and the paradoxes of time travel than what is probably healthy.

Despite the simplistic look of the page this site was not last updated 1999, but rather in 2022. Yeah, it might not look like much, but having a domain and a web host means I can share my weird game ideas with the world without having to rely on some third party blogging or social media site. Just like back in the day when the web was filled with fun personal sites for people's pet interests, lovingly handcrafted in HTML.

I will use this site to talk about and show off my different game projects. What category of my projects would you like to see? Both categories have content that's playable online in different forms.