Welcome to AI-dle, the word game that asks "What prompted this?"

The goal in AI-dle is to guess what sentence was used as a prompt to make an AI generate a set of images, while using as few guesses as possible. Each puzzle has a set of nine images that were all generated using the same prompt. You'll get to see more images the more guesses you use.

In addition to the images helping you guess, each guess you make will also generate clues related to the words in the answer. These clues are "Wordle-like" in that they relate to what word or parts of a word goes in what position in the sentence. A guess that's completely wrong will stay fully black on gray, but the nearer to the answer your guess gets, the more of it will turn yellow or green.

You can click here to toggle colorblind mode.

There are 3 types of clues:


In this example the answer is:
Darth Vader's lightsaber cutting butter

Written as a winning guess it would look like this:
Darth      Vaders     lightsaber cutting    butter
 5          6          10         7          6 

Note the missing apostrophe; all special characters and diacritics are removed. AI-dle also isn't case-sensitive, so "Hot Crème Brûlée, in shrink-wrap!" = "hot creme brulee in shrinkwrap".

Here's an example guess:
Red        laser      lights     destroying cheese
 3          5          6          10         6 

Note that the word "lights" got all green letters because all those letters match the start of "lightsaber", and they're both in the third position. As "lights" doesn't match any letters at the end of "lightsaber" none of the background for the word turned green. But as the last "s" matched the end of "Vader's" the background for the "s" turned yellow.

OK, that's more than enough rules!

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